Ask us. We'll be happy to provide individualized rates!

To receive a specific rate quote, please email or call us with your specific occupancy details. We'll need to know your approximate arrival and departure dates, number of persons to be accommodated, etc.   Our rates are dependent on a variety of factors such as time of year, total length of stay and number of occupants. Each suite is priced differently. 

Half-Floor Suites

  • Parlor Studio: $3,950-$6,850/month
  • Front Library: $3,750-$6,650/month
  • Rear Library:   $4,100-$7,000/month
  • Maximum 2 Occupants per Half-Floor Suite

Full-Floor Suites

  • Lexington Suite: $6,850-$11,350/month
  • Madison Suite:    $6,850-$11,350/month
  • Maximum 3 Occupants per Full Floor Suite

Fees and Other Information

  • No meals included. Free wifi available in our front lobby, and can be purchased for individual rooms for a small monthly fee.

Added Fees: 

Our on-staff housekeeping staff will make sure your suite is perfectly clean before you arrive.  

Housekeeping: Our on-staff housekeeping staff will clean your suite prior to your arrival.  There is a small added fee for weekly housekeeping during your stay which includes: making bed(s), vacuuming, cleaning kitchen and bathrooms, dusting, towel and sheet exchange. 

Daily Housekeeping - Optional
Wi-Fi: Optional
Unlimited Local Calls: Optional 

Please note: Sales Tax and Miscellaneous

  • Stays under 180 days are subject to 8.875% New York State & City sales plus 5.875% (total 14.75%) and $2/night/room hotel occupancy tax plus $1.5/night. Incidental charges are additional.
  • Permanent Residents: New York State and New York City have separate rules regarding the permanent resident exclusion:
    • New York State – if an occupant stays in the hotel for at least 90 consecutive days they are considered a permanent resident. They are not required to pay the 8.875% and $1.50 per night fee for those days.
    • New York City – if an occupant says in the hotel for at least 180 consecutive days they are considered a permanent resident. They are not required to pay the 5.875% and $2.00 per night fee.
    • In both circumstances we are required to collect state and local sales taxes on the rent charged regardless if the room is rented under a contract noting the 90 or 180 day stay. Once the occupant becomes a permanent resident of a room (90 days for NYS and 180 days for NYC), no further sales tax is payable with respect to the room provided that the occupant’s days are not interrupted. Once the 90 days has passed NYS sales tax is refundable to the occupant. In NYC, upon completion of 180 consecutive days of occupancy, NYC sales tax paid is also refundable to the occupant.
  • Rates are subject to seasonal fluctuations.
  • Rates are subject to change depending on occupancy lengths.
  • Rates are subject to change without notice.