A deposit of 100% of the stay is required to confirm a reservation. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card. Unless we are advised otherwise, the credit card number used to charge deposits/balances is the credit card number that was used to make the reservation. Cash payments must be guaranteed with a valid credit card.


Four separate taxes apply to hotel room rentals in New York City: New York State Sales Tax; New York City Sales Tax, and New York City Hotel Room Occupancy Tax (usually called the "Hotel Tax"). Combined 8.375% New York State & City; 5.875% Hotel Tax; $2/night/room hotel occupancy tax and $1.50/night additional tax. 


1871 House is a smoke-free facility. No open flames of any kind, including lit cigarettes/cigars or burning candles, are allowed in the building.Smoking is prohibited in all areas within the facility without exception (including exterior terrace). This includes guest rooms, common areas, hallways, stairs, restrooms, outside entrance and lobby areas and all other enclosed and unenclosed area. We must adhere strictly to this policy due to insurance and fire laws. Additionally, we promise our guests a smoke free environment. There is a significant room recovery fee for guests who do not comply in order to cover the extensive cost of restoring guest rooms to a smoke-free condition. Check-in/Check-out

Checking In:

Rooms are available for check-in by appointment at 4:00 p.m. or later If you wish to arrive earlier, we are able to register you and provide you with keys to your room which will be ready for you a 4 p.m. Guests may store their luggage at 1871 House while they wait for their room to be prepared. As we do not have a 24-hour desk, we ask that, whenever possible, check-ins occur before 10:00 pm. All guests need to provide arrival details in order to confirm arrival time. Early arrival can be accommodated no earlier than 9 A.M. Check-out time is 10:30 a.m.


  • 1871 House is a non-elevatored five-story building. All rooms are accessed via a central staircase. Guests are responsible for transporting their luggage to their rooms.
  • We regret we are unable to accommodate pets.
  • We regret fireplaces may not be used.
  • All Guest rooms are provided with phones. Local and long distance calls can be made with phone cards.
  • Breakfast, drink and food items are not included.
  • Policies are subject to change without notice.
  • Red wine is specifically prohibited inside 1871 House. This includes the common areas and guestrooms.


Cancellations: We understand that sometimes plans fall through. Before cancelling please be aware of the cancellation policy which was accepted at the time of booking. By making a reservation with 1871 House, you accept and agree to our cancellation policy as detailed below. It is critical that you read the below policy prior to making a reservation. When you make a reservation at 1871 House you are receiving the right to occupy the reserved room on the dates specified. As long as your reservation is confirmed, the room will not be offered to another guest. Since we have only 7 rooms to offer, we employ a strict cancellation policy.

Extended stay reservations are strictly non-refundable. 

  • Extended stay reservations (minimum 30 nights) are non amendable. No changes are permitted and if canceled are assessed 100% of the stay amount.
  • Cancellation notifications need to be made in writing. Email notifications are fine, however, please do not assume we have received your notification unless you have received confirmation from us. You may also send us a notification by certified mail, return receipt requested. If you are notifying us by phone, you must follow up with a written notification.
  • There is a minimum $50 handling fee for cancellation of any confirmed reservation.
  • If circumstances necessitate a reservation cancellation, please inform us as soon as possible. This will provide you with the best possible opportunity to salvage some portion of the financial outlay.
  • Guaranteed no-show fee: If you do not arrive to the hotel, arrive late or check out early, you will be assessed 100% of the total stay amount. If, after 24 hours from the expected arrival time and date, no communications have been exchanged between 1871 House personnel and guest (via email or phone) and the guest has not checked in, the reserved room will be forfeited with no refund. Guaranteed no-show fees are fully taxable.
  • To postpone your reservation, please cancel and re-book for the new dates or room type.
  • If you need to make an amendment, please cancel and re-book for the new dates or room type.
  • This cancellation policy is applicable to changes in the number of guests in a travel group. For example, if one or more persons in the travel group cancels their trip for any reason (thereby reducing the total number of persons that will occupy the suite or room). If it is uncertain how many guests are to be accommodated, we recommend booking for the fewest number and then adding just prior to the arrival date.
  • We understand that unforeseen events or circumstances may cause you to cancel or change your reservation (for example: health and family matters, conditions or issues related to weather or natural disasters, code alerts, or personal anxieties regarding current world affairs). It is for this reason we recommend that all guests consider getting travel insurance.
  • General Disclaimer – The owners will only refund a room after arrival if room is substantially unusable (defined as floods, fires and major infestation). There will be no refund for occurrences that are common to any major metropolitan townhouse/building structure, such as: external noise, small leaks, faint smells, sighting of a mouse (vermin) or insect, faucet drips, regional or citywide black-outs, watermain breaks, etc.

Parties: We enforce a strict No Party / Quiet Policy for the comfort and security of all hotel guests, and will not tolerate excessive noise at any time. Our property is NOT a good fit for parties.

Excessive Noise: It is important to us that every guest's stay is an enjoyable and peaceful one. Maintaining a quiet and sleep-conducive environment on guest floors is our highest priority. We ask all guests to please respect others and observe these no noise hours: 10 p.m.-10 a.m. For this reason, we handle noise complaints in the following manner: If the noise of your room causes discomfort to other guests, we will ask you to keep your volume down. If a second complaint is received, we will issue a 2nd warning as well as impose a minimum noise disturbance fee of $250. In the event of a third complaint, the registered guest or guests will be evicted from the hotel with no refund. If necessary, we will acquire the assistance of law enforcement officers to remove you from our property. Please be advised that there will be absolutely NO REFUND or credit of any sort upon your departure.

Air Conditioning: Garden Room and Mission Studio window a/c units provided year round. All other rooms are provided with portable a/cs (summer months only). Of course, how you use the air-conditioner is up to you, but we ask guests to conserve energy by turning down or off if you are planning to leave for an extended period of time. 

Housekeeping: 1871 House is a self-catering lodging facility.  Your room is cleaned prior to your arrival. Daily housekeeping is not included with your room rate.  There is a supplemental (weekly) fee which includes weekly housekeeping and intermittent trash removal.  Additional Housekeeping.  If you would like your room refreshed more frequently than on a weekly basis we offer an optional per diem option.

Recycling: All guests are asked to participate in the recycling program set up by NYC. We'll show you how!